Market Outlook 1) Euphoria in market is settling down; why you should stay away from Bhangaar Cap: Vijay Kedia, 2) Morgan Stanley lists out 12 factors impacting Indian market 20 stocks that are in focus, 3) 11,100-11,171 crucial Nifty hurdle; 2 smallcaps, 1 largecap to bet on for the short term, 4) Value emerging after destruction in midcaps, smallcaps; top 2 stocks that can give 20% returns, 5) #39;Domestic inflows will continue to increase in next 3-5 years; expect 12-15% earnings growth in long term#39;, 6) Nifty@11K: Time to deploy high risk Short Strangle strategy amid falling volatility, 7) These 3 stocks can return 9-23% in the short term, 8) Above 11,080, Nifty may move to hit its life time high of 11,171, 9) Sensex@record high: Despite uncertainties equity is the place to be, 10) Chart pattern suggests that Nifty on track to hit 11,500 by December 2018, 11) #39;Nifty likely to be near 12,000 by year-end; prefer midcaps to largecaps#39;, 12) #39;Wealth creation possible through careful stock picking even at current levels of the market#39;, 13) These 10 value picks could deliver 10-37% return in 1 year, 14) Rally to continue in largecaps, see shift to midcaps over next 3 months: Sundaram, 15) 1 largecap, 2 midcaps that could return 7-17 percent return in 6 months,